Work at Autoland

Produce your own work or engineer for clients.

The engineering share at Autoland is a monthly membership for producers who need access to quality tools and tracking spaces without the high cost of studio day rates.

No more studio fee—for you or your clients.

Pay once per month and get regular access to studio time for tracking, mixing, creative sessions or rehearsal each week.

Break out of the bedroom

Work in an environment built for hybrid producers. Use a curated selection of gear that will make a real difference to your end result.

Why work at Autoland?

High studio day rates are the biggest obstacle to working outside the bedroom for most producers.

Today’s artists can barely afford a living wage for the engineer—let alone hundreds per day in studio fees. 

Modern music production rarely requires the high channel counts and enormous spaces that make day rates a necessity for large facilities.

If you mix in the box at home, those massive consoles and racks of priceless outboard will never impact your final product. Why pay for them?

Working exclusively in your bedroom is just as bad.

Neighbors, noise complaints and poor conditions make all but the most small-scale productions impossible.

If you make music that needs to be recorded loud in spaces with acoustic treatment, you’re stuck with day rates and stressful one-off sessions.

And if something goes wrong, you’ll only have to pay again to fix it.